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Sunday, June 17, 2007 - Get Paid 6 cent PEr Search

Ok. I just want to try and make something different about this one. I want to try one search bar and we will got paid for that. Even i know its not really high. But its good and i believe many people can try to using this one. Why not you also try with us too?

You can earn for 5 cent per search by adding a searh bar to your site or blog. Interesting right? So, why not you try to signup too?

YOu also can read their faq here : Read FAQ first

How to join? Just click this banner and it will go to this website and you can view and read everything. If You already interested. You can join with us here..Wink

So. What are you wait for? Just come and try your best now. Remember. One search it 6 cent. Its high right? How about if if 100 search? Its already $6 right? if 1000 search. Its already $600 right? So, just keep trying this one..Shades

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Learn More about CSV Format Today

Do you have problem with CSV format? If yes. I have another website to share with you. Its directly can teach you about CSV and also about CSV format?

So, if some of you still don't know what is CSV. I'm brief to you what is CSV first. CSV is comma seperated values. We always using this one with microsift excel. I believe some of you always receive this one right? If you have e-gold accaunt. when you want to save the history from that site, you must download it and its using csv files, right? So, what is CSV function and format? Shades

This site will tell you more and more point you will know here. Its explain more than you think and its espeially for someone who want to learn about CSV. Especiall for newbie.

While no formal specification for CSV exists, RFC 4180 describes a common format and establishes "text/csv" as the MIME type registered with the IANA.

Many informal documents exist that describe the CSV format. How To: The Comma Separated Value (CSV) File Format provides an overview of the CSV format in the most widely used applications and explains how it can best be used and supported.

The basic rules are as follows:

CSV is a delimited data format that has fields/columns separated by the comma character and records/rows separated by newlines. Fields that contain a special character (comma, newline, or double quote), must be enclosed in double quotes. However, if a line contains a single entry which is the empty string, it may be enclosed in double quotes. If a field's value contains a double quote character it is escaped by placing another double quote character next to it. The CSV file format does not require a specific character encoding, byte order, or line terminator format.

    * Each record is one line terminated by a line feed (ASCII/LF=0x0A) or a carriage return and line feed pair (ASCII/CRLF=0x0D 0x0A), however, line-breaks can be embedded.
    * Fields are separated by commas.

Actually we use CSV for some purpose and you can see many way by using this one. Its not only for one purpose but you can use it for many way. YOu can use it to control many data and content..

For Application

The CSV file format is very simple and supported by almost all spreadsheets and database management systems. Many programming languages have libraries available that support CSV files. Even modern software applications support CSV imports and/or exports because the format is so widely recognized. Many applications in fact allow .csv-named files to use any delimiter character.Shades

So, if some of you want to know more about csv format. You can go to this site first. Its really can help you especially to know more about csv format.

For more information, you also can use this site forum to know more about format and others thing related with CSV.Surprise

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csv file - Csv format

Posted at 09:25 pm by black
Komen Black  

Got Problem with CSV?

So, what do you know abou CSV? Do you have heard about CSV files or software? Anyone know about it and related with CSV? If yes, congratulation to you because not many people already know and understand about that. Last time i only know about CSV? I only download the files from my friends. But i'm know nothing about CSV. But after that, i'm starting to understand more about CSV and his software.

So, i'm like to sharing with you some good site about CSV. Interested about this site? I'm glad to share with you because i think some of you must be want to learn about CSV or anything related with CSV right?

The name of site i want to share with you is

Anyone already heard about this site? If not, see this below first before you know discover more about this site. Its really interesting if you know something new..Shades

So, what do you want to know about this site? I'm give  you some link to direct for some important thing about CSV and about this site. Believe me, if you want to know about CSV, this is right place !!Surprise

You must play with java code. Do you believe with that? If not, you can see this site sample. Sample of java code at this link. I can't post here. Its too long. So, go to this link >> Jave Code Samples

Want to download some software? Download datastreams first and the latest version of java full version here.

Datastreams - Download .net version

Download java full version here >> Download now

What the different between CSV first version, 2.0 version and others version? Yes. If you want to know some information about the different of CSV. You also can go to this site. Its easy and you can find fast information at this site. Here

If you have time and want to discuss about csv with others member. You also can chat with them at this site forum. Just go here and discuss with other member. Its free and no need to pay any single cent.

Still don't believe and wonder about this site and his performance? You can see the demo which already provide in this site. Click here to see the demo first. Demo

Some people ask me more question about csv. How about the format of csv. Its different with other coding or not? Ok. YOu will got the answer in this forum. Just go to this link and I'm believe, you can get your answer. Most answer about csv format, you can get it here. CSV FORMAT

So, i think its already long enough for you. I believe you want know more about csv and especially for webmaster and some blogger right? So, this is the right place and i'm strongly recommend you this site.Wink

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DataStreams -

Posted at 08:13 pm by black
Komen Black  

PhotoBie 3.2 - Edit and captire YOur Image at any shape

Photobie is an image editing software. It is customized for photo editing. It supports multi-layer editing. Photobie's screen-capture feature make your life easier for preparing presentation.

Photobie is a .NET windows application, thus a .NET framework 1.0 or higher must be installed before running Photobie.

With Photobie, you can do pretty much what Photoshop can do such as resizing, rotating, fliping, adjusting brightness/gamma/transparency, doing select/copy/cut/paste any shaped portion of image, erasing/moving/adjusting layers, drawing/filling colored shapes as well as text, converting the image format and quality, saving current editing workspace with many layers to ".pob" file for future retouching. Furthurmore, with Photobie, you can capture any shaped area on the screen.

Download HereShades

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Komen Black  

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